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Main image of article.
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When building a product, you may run into instances where you want to hide elements/content from the user. You can have elements:

  1. Semantically Hidden: This means the element can be accessed via keyboard navigation, is rendered on the screen but not exposed in the accessibility tree.
  2. Completely Hidden: This means the element is not accessible via keyboard navigation, is not rendered on the screen or exposed in the accessibility tree.
  3. Visually Hidden: This means the element is accessible via keyboard navigation, is exposed to the accessibility tree but not rendered on screen.

Techniques for hiding elements:

1. Positioning content off-screen absolutely.

With this, sighted users are not able to…

The first rule of ARIA is “Do not use ARIA”. So, when do we get to use ARIA?

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What is ARIA?

ARIA is an acronym that stands for Accessibility Rich Internet Applications, and from MDN Docs, they are a set of attributes that define ways to make web content and web applications (especially those developed with JavaScript) more accessible to people with disabilities.

It is designed to bridge the gap when HTML cannot sufficiently handle accessibility concerns.

This means the first solution to accessibility is to use semantic HTML. If that does not suffice, employ ARIA. MDN Docs continues:

Developers should prefer using…

This article shows how I improved the accessibility of a simple GitHub Timeline app I built.

A few weeks ago, I worked on a little GitHub Timeline project. When you enter a user’s username you can view a timeline of their public repositories in a chronological order — the most recent repo on top.

I chose a design, a colour palette, settled on React, and off I was to build my timeline app. Here’s a gif of how it eventually looked like:

GIF of how the app works
GIF of how the app works
GIF of how the app works

Everything worked perfectly, right? I ensured it was responsive, the font and colours looked okay, and I ensured…

This article aims to show how to improve the performance of solutions implemented using Javascript arrays.

Photo of cheetah running
Photo of cheetah running
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In my last article, I gave a brief of time complexities of some popular Javascript array methods. In this article, I will give three code examples of how to improve the performance in array solutions.

Below are examples of O(n^2) solutions (quadratic time) to common array problems. We will explore other options for solving with the aim of improving performance.

Example One: Return Duplicate Elements in an Array.

Problematic: For each element, loop through the array to see if there is another element like it. …

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This article aims to show how JavaScript arrays are implemented under the hood and explore the time complexities of common Array methods (i.e pop, shift, unshift)

Before we begin, here are some things we already know about Javascript arrays:

  • They are ordered.
  • Use numbered indexing (zero-based indexes)
  • Are dynamic.
  • Data can be stored in non-contiguous locations in the array, so no guarantee of it being dense.
  • Store multiple values in a single variable.

From a general view, these seem right as array properties, but to get more in-depth, Javascript arrays are constructed by the Array class, which is a global…

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This article shows how I went from having a nav bar without keyboard navigation, to having one in the recommended approach.

For this article, I am building a Hackerrank UI clone using React. I have a navigation bar, so far, and my goal is to make keyboard navigation possible.

This is what my navigation bar looks like at the moment:

Written by June Barasa

Facebook Developer Circle’s from Eldoret is such a special lot of Engineers. So enthusiastic and excited for build day, they started popping in even before set up began. They deserve a medal.

At 2pm EAT checking in began, in our delirium we couldn’t wait to hear the ideas they had come in with to help solve problems in our society and bring us together as a community. The guests took their seats, from engineers to students to mere tech enthusiasts who wanted to learn something new from others. We had both familiar faces from other DevC…

4 weeks after we launched, we held our second meet up. We were hosted by Apps Lab Ke, an Eldoret based incubator started by young programmers with a focus of providing solutions and creating awareness around emerging technologies.

May 26th was definitely a day to see the Eldoret tech community come together. Three tech events were being held on the same day and it was great to have the attendees converge in the afternoon for the Dev C Eldoret Meet up.

We started off with an overview of the updates from F8. Our lead, Gertrude talked through some of the…

Web scraping is a method of extracting data from websites and the data is afterwards saved on a local resource i.e database.

Data displayed on a website can only be viewed and to get a copy of it you would have to manually copy and paste. Web scraping enables you to automate gathering data from a website.

For this article, we’ll use Puppeteer to scrape Quotes to Scrape, a site available for scraping practice. You will need to have knowledge of JavaScript/NodeJS.

Create a folder and name it puppet. Install Puppeteer:

npm install puppeteer

Create a file and name it…

On the 28th of April 2018 Facebook launched Developer Circles in Eldoret at Sirikwa Hotel.

One, because this was our first :)

Attendants started showing up way before the scheduled event time, so eager to learn and interact with others. Making their way from near and far, we had people traveling from different parts of Kenya to be part of the event. We also had a variety of engineers in the tech industry from Android developers to Web developers, the whole wazoo came to share and learn, it was a full house.

Gertrude Nyenyeshi

Engineering | Art | Design | Science | Lover of Dogs | VR Enthusiast | Community

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